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Best Male Hostels In Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Gaining admission into a university is one of the best feelings you may experience throughout your life. The feeling is even better when you have been admitted into a prestigious university as the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

The university ranks among the top 10 best universities in the country. Reports shows that the Ahmadu Bello University played a key role in the establishment of the Abubakar Tafewa Balewa College (now known as the Abubakar Tafewa Balewa University of Technology) and the Abdullahi Bayero College (now Bayero University).

With gaining admission comes the need to get an accommodation as well. To many students, it is the first time they leave home and get to stay on their own, free from the eyes and watch of their parents.

For most students, getting an accommodation outside the school is the first thing they may wish for. The excitement of leaving home makes them want to experience freedom to the fullest. Its a good thing but real caution should be applied here. As a fresher, it is very advisable that you stay in the campus for the duration of your first year. After you must have gotten a solid grasp of the environment and the university life, then you can try to view other options of accommodation.

Eventually, some students get to love the life on campus and decide to stay throughout the time of their entire program. As a male fresher who is interested in staying on campus, it is important that you know the different hostels and the ones that provide the best comfort.

Some of the Famous Hostels In ABU

The Ahmadu Bello University boasts of 10 halls of residence located in the main campus (halls of residence is a term used to refer to hostels in the university setting).

They are;

1. Akenzua hostel
2. Amina hostel
3. Alexander hostel
4. Danfodio hostel
5. ICSA hostel
6. Ramat hostel
7. Ribadu hostel
8. Suleiman hostel
9. Dangote hostel
10. Shehu Idris hostel

Amina, Suleiman, Alexander and Ribadu hostels are occupied by female students presently while the remaining six (6) hostels are occupied by male students.

Of all the hostels allocated to the males, the best two hotels are the Dangote and Shehu Idris halls of residence. This is because they are the newest of all the male hostels and so most of their facilities are still in good working conditions.

Dangote Hostel

The Dangote hostel was donated by the Aliko Dangote Foundation to the Ahmadu Bello University. The hostel was originally built for female students but due to certain reasons, it was eventually given to the male students by the vice chancellor, Prof. Ibrahim Garba. The Dangote hostel is a 10 block modern building with the capacity of accommodating a good number of students.

Shehu Idris Hostel

The Shehu Idris hostel is a 3 block building with 50 rooms on each side. The hostel is named after the Emir of Zazzau.
Each of the hostels have a set of laws and rules guiding its residents. These rules are stipulated to aid peaceful coexistence of the students living together in the hostels. Most times, violating a rule of the hostel comes with a penalty or fine but you will get to know all about it as you settle in.

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In conclusion, as a male fresher in Ahmadu Bello University, the best hostels to live in are the Dangote and Shehu Idris hostels. So if you are opportuned to be in these hostels, you are free to consider yourself really lucky. This is not to say that the other hostels are not suitable for living but judging by certain criteria, the two hostels stands as the best hostels to be in for a male student.

Once again, congrats to all freshmen of Ahmadu Bello University. I hope you settle down nicely in school ahead of the year’s activities.

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