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Department of Accounting, A.B.U Zaria.

Department of Accounting, Ahmadu Bello university, Zaria: About the Course, Cut off mark, How to Apply, Subjects Combination And More....

Accounting is one of the courses offered in Faculty of Administration In Ahmadu Bello university zaria, this is a field that involves the recording, analyzing, and reporting of financial transactions.

It is a foundational course in business education that teaches students the principles and concepts of financial accounting, managerial accounting, and auditing.

Students will learn how to prepare financial statements, analyze financial data, and make informed decisions based on financial information.

The course covers topics such as debits and credits, financial statement analysis, budgeting, and taxation. It is a critical course for those pursuing careers in accounting, finance, and business management.

Course duration

The Course takes a period of (4) years for students that gained admission through Jamb, while a period of (3) years for the Direct Entry students.

Cut off Mark

For now the course do no have a cut off mark of its own, but you’re adviced to reach the 180 upwards.

Course requirements

Here are the necessary requirements for both DE and Jamb Candidates to be eligible for the course.

D.E (Direct Entry) Candidates

To be eligible for the course as a direct entry candidate you will require:

Two ‘A’ level/IJMB Passes in Economics and Management or Accounting.

A Minimum Merit Pass in ABU Diploma in Accounting, Banking, Management, Islamic Banking or Insurance.

Jamb Candidates

For the jamb/utme students you will required to provide atleast five O/level credit in:

  1. English Language
  2. Economics
  3. Mathematics
  4. Any other two (2) relevant subjects

Jamb CBT Combination

The four main subject combination In JAMB for Accounting in ABU is as follows.

  • Use of English
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Any Management or Social Science subject.

Credentials for screening

After you have gotten your faculty file you will be required to provide all the listed documents for a successful screening;

  1. MIS form
  2. Statement of undertaking
  3. Admission letters
  4. Course registration form
  5. Payment details (school fees)
  6. Acknowledgment screening slip
  7. Photocopies of payment slip(s)
  8. Photocopies of your credentials. E.g Waec, Neco, birth certificate, primary school certificate, declaration of age (if used). E.t.c

Course registration

In Course registration you will be guided by a lecturer or orientation officer in your department for the courses to select and keep in mind to go for courses in group. Here are the Courses offered in the department Accounting.

Core courses/Elective courses

  • ACCT 101 ( Introduction to accounting & Financial Reporting I), is a three (3) credit unit course and one of the Core course
  • ACCT 103 (Business Mathematics I) this course carry two (2) credit unit and also a Core.
  • ACCT 105 (Principles of Business Administration I) this is also one of the Core courses with two (2) credit unit.
  • ACCT 107 (Principles of Economics I) this is a three (3) credit unit Core course.
  • ACCT 109 (Introduction to Computer) this well another two (2) credit unit Core course.
  • ACCT 111 (Elements of Government & Administration) this is one of the two (2) credit unit Core course.
  • GENS 101 (Nationalism) this is a general course that must be offered (core) and its one (1) credit unit.
  • GENS 103 (English & Communication Skills) this is also a general subject and a two (2) credit unit Core course.

Career paths

The accounting world is diversed and its growing wide into branches of much interest, offering many career opportunities to interested graduates. Here are some career paths in Accounting to consider.

  1. Public accountant
  2. Tax accountant
  3. Financial analyst
  4. Public. accountant
  5. Management accountant


Accounting course in Ahmadu Bello university can be rewarding and challenging, with opportunities for growth and advancement. To succeed in this course, you’ll need a strong foundation in principles of accounting and the ability to analyze financial data and communicate your findings effectively. You must have the might to study hard and effectively attend lectures and record notes.

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