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21 Awesome Facts About ABU, Zaria

Are you an ABU student or an aspirant aspiring to join the family of this prestigious institution? Do think you know it all about the university? Do you think you really know your Institution? Well here  are some Facts About ABU Zaria that you probably have never heard about and most of them might surprise.

1. Right now the school runs two campuses, Samaru Campus as the main campus which its administrative buildings and most of its faculties are located. (Wikipedia)

2. There are more than 90,000 active students in ABU ranging from diploma and undergraduate to postgraduate courses under different programmes. (Empirically)

3. Over the years the Faculty of Law, the Departments of History and Local Government & Development Studies have not produced a first class graduate in ABU. (Empirically)

4. According to a statistics from ABU in 2016, 10000 aspirants applied and only about 120 students were needed for admission. making Medicine and Surgery the most sought out course in ABU. While Civil Law is the second most applied course in the ABU.

5. At the moment, the university is having 99 departments in and 16 Facultiesost of which are located at the main campus.(

6. Before the building of Dangote and Shehu Idris Halls, ABU had no new hostel for the past 40 years.

7. The current vices chancellor is Kabiru Bala. Professor Muhammad Yakasai Fatihu is the Dean Students’ Affairs and mallam Rabiu samaila is the Registrar, (Ahmadu Bello University).

8. using a bus or a car, the distance between Kongo Campus and Samaru Campus is about 25 minutes. (Google map)

9. ABU is the second largest university in African competing with the University of Cairo in Egypt which is the first. (Wikipedia)

10. Faculty of Law and Institute of Administration  are the faculty and Institute in Kongo Campus (Empirically)

11. It has students from all parts of Nigeria, making it the most secular institute the country.

16. ABU is the one of the most cheapest federal university you will find in Nigeria.

17. You find humble and jovial lecturers ABU campuses.

18. The school also owns a pre-degree school in Funtua just a few kilometres from the samaru main campus.

19.One of the largest Students’ chapel is located at Samaru Main Campus of ABU, Zaria.

20. There has never been any issues regarding Cult activities.

21. ABU has produced some of the most Successful and notable alumni and politicians.

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