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Free ABU Post UTME Q&A: Dowload Past Questions And Answers 2023/2024

Download free Ahmadu Bello university, ABU Post UTME Past Questions and answers for all departments pdf and prepare yourself for the upcoming exam

For those in the need of the amount below university post UTM E pass questions and answers, so that you can have a glimpse of what the exams looks like. We have compiled up-to-date past questions and answers in PDF and word format to help students study and work them through the questions in the screening exercise and to help them study hard. This is the official and most up-to-date Ahmadu Bello university post utme past question and answers these past questions can be used to study for all courses, there are several materials here and it will not just help build your marks but also your . The material contains several pages of content and subject from 1997 to 2021.

Ahmadu Bello university is a large and famous institution that have a lot of applicants every year waiting to get admission. Over the years I’m at the below university I’ve had over 20,000 applicants via jam and direct entry for post utme screening. One of the best ways of is in your position me exams is the constant study of outline and past questions it is a good idea to study the past questions and answers, apart from the fact that some question might show in a relatable sentence, but also might actually find some of the questions in most of your exams.

While studying Keep in mind that this is just a study to towards your CPT exams do not just depend on this material find key point and test books related to your subject in the course subject and study for your exams make notes and study them well because the post-utme does not come easy.

Post UTME Exam Guides

There are some important tips and guides to note and acknowledge before and within the period of examination.

Note that the post UTME exams last an hour to 1 hour 30 minutes with a total of about 40 to 60 questions

All the questions carry equal marks, so do not waste any time on the ones you don’t comprehend or understand move to the next one and keep on going until you finish your examinations.

Be punctual, find your exam centre beforehand and arrive at your centre very early so you can write your exam fast and leave the place.

Before you arrive at your centre do go with extra financial assistance, just incase there was an issue with your center and you will wait a little longer.
Make sure you follow the guidelines provided on your examination slip. One of which candidates are not allowed to bring any electronic device or contraband to the exam Hall e.t.c.

Make sure you arrive at your centre with your own pencils and at the entrance of the center for those that are calculating you’ll be given a sheet of paper which will be returned back to the coordinator after the exams make sure you return it back to the coordinator.

And once you enter the exam Hall do know that you are on your own do not talk to any person do not borrow anything from any person just focus on your on your PC and write your exam if caught your exam will be cancelled and you will not write again.

Make sure you report any issues you are having on with the computer or laptop allocated to you fast and immediately, once you notice the issue, so that your time won’t be wasted during the exam because you don’t have any extra time. the invigilator close by will either change your laptop/computer or he will set the One available for you.

How to Use the Computer during The Post UTME

Most of you might not quite understand how you use the computer, how you should be writing the exams with the computer and how to submit when done with the exams. All you have to do is on read to the end of this post are going to where you will learn steps on how to use the computer during your CBT test without any issues.

ABU CBT post-utme is just like the Jamb exams you wrote, all you have to do once you enter the exam hall is to find your seat. once you locate your seat your system is already turned on for you all you have to do is:

Input your registration number on the opened page on screen and tap login

once you logged in you will be on the exam page, now you can start your exam.

Shortcut keys during the cbt

A for option A

B for option B

C for option C

D for option D

P for previous question

S for Submit, you can only tap the “s” alphabet on the keyboard when you have answered more than 20 questions or you are done completely.

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