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How to prepare and pass A.B.U, zaria Post UTME 2022/2023

Tips and guide for Ahmadu Bello university, zaria aspirants on how to prepare and pass their post UTME

For ABU aspirants seeking guidance on how to prepare and pass their post UTME, this post is tailored for you. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is renowned for being one of the most competitive universities in Nigeria, making it imperative to equip yourself with the right tools and tips to succeed. With over 80,000 applicants each year, the university only admits between 10,000 to 15,000 candidates. Therefore, it is crucial to study hard and ace your post UTME for a chance to secure admission.

In Nigeria, undergoing post UTME exercises is mandatory for prospective university students. Although each school has its own unique specifications, ABU and other notable universities within the country conduct periodic examinations after UTME is taken. Aspiring students from all over Nigeria must participate in the ABU post UTME at the designated time to be considered for admission.

However, the question that often arises is what ABU post UTME entails and how to excel in it. While there is no definite “how-to” on passing ABU post UTME, we’ve provided a few tips to keep in mind.

How do i prepare and pass ABU Post UTME?

Knowing how ABU post UTME examinations look is not the real challenge, it is passing the exam that proves to be difficult. However, do not fret as I have taken the initiative to write this article to help you achieve your goal. It is inevitable that some people may not accomplish their dreams, but you do not have to be one of them.

By following my tips and putting in extra effort, you will surpass your expectations and excel in the exam. It is crucial to remember that passing the exam is just as important as achieving your desired success as your academic career depends on it.

This is because you must meet the required marks before being accepted to study your preferred course. So, how can you prepare to score high in the exam? The answer lies in the following tips which are presented in a breaking method.

Make sure you applied for the post UTME examination

Although it may seem like a less important factor since it’s assumed that anyone who wishes to take the exam will register, there is important information that you may not be aware of. The exam is only offered once per academic year and registration opens a few months prior to the exam date.

Unfortunately, many individuals fall victim to this and I have encountered numerous aspirants who were devastated because they missed the registration deadline. How can you possibly pass an exam if you didn’t even register for it? This is why staying up-to-date is crucial.

Make sure to follow all informative ABU social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to ensure that you are informed and can begin your application as soon as registration opens.

Consider early preparation

Have you ever wondered whether the ABU post UTME is difficult? The answer to this question is simply Yes or No. If you have adequately prepared and know what to expect, the exam will be easy for you. However, if you have little or no preparation and are unaware of the exam’s nature, it will undoubtedly be difficult.

It is essential to note that every exam requires preparation, and ABU may fix their post UTME exam without seeking your opinion. Therefore, it is advisable to continue studying after the UTME exercises and start early preparation. ABU post UTME covers several academic topics, which can be time-consuming, and studying past questions extensively is necessary. Therefore, it is best to start preparing today to avoid any last-minute rush.

Read Extensively

The most crucial element of preparing for ABU post UTME is reading. While we can offer guidance on what and how to read, ultimately the responsibility of reading falls solely on you. Therefore, it is important to be diligent and committed to your studies. This is just a brief overview of the recommended approach to preparing for ABU post UTME. Any additional challenges you may encounter will require your own discretion to manage.

What should i read for ABU Post UTME?

Many students make the costly mistake of relying on one factor and neglecting the other when preparing for the ABU post UTME. There are two essential materials you should have while studying for this exam: textbooks and past questions. Although having a lot of textbooks during your UTME is helpful, the most recommended material for the ABU post UTME is past questions.

It is unnecessary to purchase additional textbooks for the ABU post UTME since the exam is purely O level standard. Studying advanced textbooks for this exam is a waste of your precious time and money. Instead, focus on your normal O level syllabus and avoid distractions.

Besides having access to your textbooks, it is essential to purchase past questions for ABU post UTME. These questions are highly beneficial to your preparation as they contain a wealth of objective information that will aid you in navigating through the exams.

Your ability to prepare and pass ABU Post UTME is heavily reliant on these past questions. The primary advantage of obtaining these past questions is that you will gain insight into the fundamental nature of the exam.

By studying the past questions, you can comprehend how the questions are constructed. Typically, most schools, including ABU, structure their exams around the four subjects covered in the UTME. However, several schools incorporate general subjects and challenging questions as well.

How many questions are asked in ABU Post UTME exam?

You are required to respond to 50 questions in a span of 60 minutes. The ABU post UTME examination comprises of 4 subject combinations, with the 50 questions being distributed among them. English has 20 questions while the remaining three subjects have 10 questions each.

How do ABU mark their Post UTME ?

The test is graded out of 400 points, and each question is worth 8 points. Even if you only earn one point, it can make a big difference. So, it’s important to study hard and not miss any questions.

What is the Syllabus for Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria post UTME?

ABU will only require you to take your exam based on the subject combination you registered during your UTME days. They will not pose any advanced or unrelated questions.

ABU Post UTME Registration Portal

Subject combination for ABU Post UTME

The subject combination you chose for your JAMB examination will also apply to your post-UTME. Therefore, you need not worry about selecting subjects for the post-UTME as they will be the same as those you wrote in JAMB.

Can i get free ABU Post UTME past questions online?

Yes, you can find alot of past questions here and there are plenty of PDF resources available for you to download and utilize. They are all trustworthy and completely free. Additionally, ABU past questions can be purchased at any nearby bookshop. Results will be automatically graded and released a few days following the examination.

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