Kaduna Polytechnic: Courses, News, Cut-Off Mark, Post UTME, and More

A Brief Overview of Kaduna Polytechnic

Kaduna polytechnic is one of the earliest States owned polytechnic in Nigeria, which immerged in 1956 as Kaduna Technical Institute before upgrading to its present state today as Kaduna polytechnic (KADPOLY).

Just like ABU zaria, KADPOLY is rated as one of the biggest institute and technical college in the Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Kaduna state Polytechnic boost of four campuses which in everyone carries its own college. Kaduna polytechnic offers diverse course in both National Diploma and Higher National Diploma.

Kaduna Polytechnic Courses

Here are some of the few active courses that are open for application at KADPOLY:

  • Accounting
  • Agricultural BioEnvironmental
  • Engineering
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Applied Physics
  • Architecture
  • Banking and Finance
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Cooperative Economics and
  • Management
  • Education Technical
  • Electrical Electronics Engineering School
  • Environmental Science
  • Estate Management
  • Fashion and Clothing Technology School

Kaduna Polytechnic Address

Kaduna Polytechnic is located in Tudun Wada, Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria to be precise.

Kaduna Polytechnic News

Latest news and information regarding the polytechnic can be accessible on the Institution’s official website: https://kadunapoly.edu.ng/news

Kaduna Polytechnic Cut Off Mark

Kaduna polytechnic cut off mark is 140. This means that to be eligible for for 2022/2023 session Post UTME screening, candidates must reach the minimum of 140 and more in UTME.

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Kaduna Polytechnic Post UTME 2023

1. Qualified candidates seeking admission for the 2022/2023 academic session into kaduna polytechnic, are invited to apply.

2. Candidates should have selected Kaduna polytechnic as their first choice and reached the cut off mark of 140 in Jamb.

3. Candidates have a minimum of credit passes in 5 relevant subjects this (includes English Language and Mathematics) in SSCE, which must be obtained in not more than two sittings. They must have also paid the screening fee of N2,000 only.

4. Candidates who did not choose kaduna polytechnic as their preferred institution(first choice) must apply for a change of institution in JAMB to be considered for admission into KADPOLY.

How To Apply Kaduna Polytechnic

1. To apply for KADPOLY Post UTME, candidates have to:

2. Visit the official website, https://kadunapoly.edu.ng/applicants, to log in.

3. Click on ‘Apply for Admission.’

4. Fill up the for on ‘Validate Email & Telephone.’

5. Afterwards, go to your Gmail and follow the link sent to continue the application.

6. Now after you’ve submitted the form above it will generate RRR payment slip.

7. On the generated invoice slip click on the Pay Now button to continue to payment.

8. Once payment has been made, you can continue your application on the website.

9. Continue your application by entering the password and username created at the starting point of the application. The email and phone number must be what you used at the beginning of the application.

10. Ensure that all information provided is valid. After payment, you will be maybe unable to make some changes.

Kaduna Polytechnic School Fees

To be a fully recognised student of the prestigious polytechnic in Kaduna state there are some certain fees needed to be paid/cleared.
So below are we have put down the school fees payment for the 2022/23 academic session:

Kaduna polytechnic
Kaduna polytechnic

ND1 And HND1 (Regular Programme)

Registration (ND 1 & HND 1): N4,000

Examination (ND 1 & HND 1): N4,000

Examination Report Sheet (ND 1 & HND 1): N2,000

Convocation (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,000

TISHIP (ND 1 & HND 1): N2,000

Student Hand Book (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,500

Result Verification (ND 1 & HND 1): N2,000

Library (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,500

Games (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,500

Student Bus (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,500

Caution Deposit (ND 1 & HND 1): N2,000

Renovation of Facilities (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,500

Accreditation (ND 1 & HND 1): N3,000

Identity Card (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,000

Lab/Workshop (ND 1 & HND 1): N3,000

Medical Examination (ND 1 & HND 1): N1,500

SWIS (ND 1 & HND 1): N500

SIWES (ND 1 & HND 1): N2,000

Field Trip (ND 1 & HND 1): N2,500

ENACTUS (ND 1 & HND 1): N150

ND 2 And HND 2 (Regular Programme)

Registration (ND 1 & HND 2): N3,000

Examination (ND 1 & HND 2): N2,000

Examination Report Sheet (ND 1 & HND 2): N1,000

Convocation (ND 1 & HND 2): N1,000

TISHIP (ND 1 & HND 2): N2,000

Student Hand Book (ND 1 & HND 2): NIL

Result Verification (ND 1 & HND 2): NIL

Library (ND 1 & HND 2): N1,000

Games (ND 1 & HND 2): N1,000

Student Bus (ND 1 & HND 2): N500

Caution Deposit (ND 1 & HND 2): NIL

Renovation of Facilities (ND 1 & HND 2): N1,000

Accreditation (ND 1 & HND 2): N2,000

Identity Card (ND 1 & HND 2): NIL

Lab/Workshop (ND 1 & HND 2): N2,500

Medical Examination (ND 1 & HND 2): NIL

SWIS (ND 1 & HND 2): N500


Field Trip (ND 1 & HND 2): NIL

ENACTUS (ND 1 & HND 2): N150

TOTAL: N17,650

ND 1 And ND 2 (Evening/Weekend Programmes)

This programmes usually runs during weekends (Friday/Saturday) and in the evenings from 4-7 daily. It is known as the part time programmes, the students running the programme are called Part time Students. The cost of fees for this programme is usually high and expensive. Check out the cost below.

ND 1 And ND 2

For ND1 students (freshers) a total cost of N61,150 while for the returning students (ND 2) will be be paying N52,650. All the payment mentioned is to be paid into the schools account.


The fees for HND for the present session is not so different from the previous sessio, so below is the present fees for HND at kadpoly as of the writing of this post.

Examination Report Sheet: N2,000

TISHIP: N1,500

Student Hand Book: N

Result Verification: NIL

Library: N1,500

Lab/Workshop: N3,000

Medical Examination: NIL

SWIS: N500

Games: N2,000

Registration: N26,000

Examination: N4,000

Student Bus: N1,500

Caution Deposit: NIL

Renovation of Facilities: N1,500

Accreditation: N3,000

Identity Card: NIL

SIWES: N2,000

Field Trip: N2,500


TOTAL: N53,650.

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