Polytechnic Lecturers Salary Scale: Everything You Need to Know


It is often said that teaching is a noble profession and this is very agreeable. Apart from being a noble profession, it is also a financially rewarding one if you are opportune to teach at the apex level of learning which is the tertiary institution.

Those who teach academic and vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students in these tertiary institutions as called Lecturers.

Just like all civil service jobs, lecturers in Nigerian institutions have different grades or levels with varying salary structures as well. These salaries greatly depend on the institution a lecturer lectures in, the years of experience and the faculty concerned.

Below are lecturer grades in Nigerian institutions and their corresponding salary scale:

1. Professor

Professor, popularly called Prof, is the highest academic rank any a lecturer can attain in Nigerian institutions.
Professors are typically experts in their fields with 10 – 15 years of higher education teaching experience and research.

A professor earns within the salary range of 381,695 – 501, 680 Naira per month and 4,580,340 – 6,020,160 Naira annually.

Reader / Associate Professor

A reader is an academic rank above a senior lecturer but below a professor. A senior lecturer’s position is more of a teaching-focused position while that of a reader is more of a research-focused position.

A Reader’s salary on a monthly basis ranges from 314,018 – 417,063 Naira. A Reader earns 3,768,221 – 5,004,756 Naira yearly.

Senior Lecturer

A senior lecturer refers to a high-rank teaching position that is conferred on those who have extensive training, competence and experience in their field of study.

A senior lecturer’s salary is 257,625 – 371,292 Naira per month and 3,091,505 – 4,455,504 Naira annually. This income is subject to change as the number of years of service increases.

Lecturer I

The Lecturer I title is a probationary title from which the Lecturer may be promoted to the title of a Senior lecturer through the successful completion of certain requirements.
Lecturer I earns a monthly salary of 173,332 – 223,668 Naira per month and 2,079,995 – 2,682,010 Naira on an annual basis.

Lecturer II

This is the academic title coming before that of Lecturer I. A minimum of 5 years of experience is needed to attain this height.

Lecturer II earns 137,459 – 164, 970 Naira per month and 1,649,509 – 1,978,540 Naira per year.

Assistant Lecturer / Lecturer III

The Assistant lecturer is a position held by Master’s degree holders at entry level.
The salary of Lecturer III ranges from 120,922 – 146,241 Naira per month and 1,451,071 – 1,754,902 Naira annually.

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant is the entry-level position for a Bachelor’s degree holder. A graduate assistant serves under a lecturer in a support role at a university. This is usually done while completing post-graduate education. It is pertinent for anyone going into the lecturing profession to aim at obtaining post graduate degrees.

The salary of a Graduate Assistant is between the range of 105,281 – 120,647 Naira per month and 1,263,377 – 1,447,767 Naira per year.


Note that this list was prepared from the salary range of lecturers in public service. The salaries of lecturers in private universities, polytechnics and colleges of education might be completely different since payment depends solely on the employer.

So if you are planning on delving into lecturing in any Federal tertiary institution in Nigeria, these salary ranges should give you an insight of how much you could be earning depending on your level of entry.

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