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Security tips for fresh and returning students

Special Bulletin From Ahmadu Bello university

As a student, it’s very important to take responsibility for yourself and your property while on or out of campus. a freshman just starting your college journey or a returning student, it’s always good to review basic safety tips. In this guide, we’ll provide practical advice and suggestions for staying safe and secure while attending classes, living in the dorms, and participating in campus life. From locking your door to being aware of your surroundings, these tips can help you feel more secure and confident as you navigate college life.

Security tips for fresh and returning students

The resumption of students to campus for normal academic activities comes with its attendant security challenges. is imperative to enlighten the students on some of these challenges using the following Security Tips:

  1. Students should be security conscious and vigilant at all times and places.

  2. Ensure compliance with all University rules and Regulations

  3. Take Instructions and Directives only from constituted authorities and trusted individuals

  4. Do not trust strangers with your luggage.

  5. Do not accommodate unknown persons in your rooms-no matter how stranded the individual may be or claim to be, direct him/her to the security.

  6. Ensure you board vehicles (Tricycles, bikes and buses) from designated parks – Be wary/avoid vehicles being operated by criminal elements who lure their passengers to rob them or for ritual purposes.

  7. Ensure the details of the wheel barrow boy that carries your luggage from the gate to your hostel and vice versa are properly documented at the gate.

  8. Students should be on guard as there is a syndicate in and around the University that specializes in hypnotizing students to dispossess them of their valuables and/or take advantage of them.

  9. Those living off campus should ensure they get and keep the contact of the A.B.U Security Response Team and that of vigilantes in their area of residence and ensure it is distributed among their roommates.

  10. Avoid keeping late nights.

  11. Always walk in pairs or more when going along stretched/lonely paths.

  12. In case you are approached by anyone who claims to be a clergy or suggests some form of prayers to you, report to the security Division immediately.

  13. Put off all electric and cooking appliances before leaving your hostel.

  14. Those off campus should ensure there is
    efficient physical security measures in their rented accommodation

  15. Do not patronize “yaro boys” in hostel.

  16. Report any suspicious person/activities around you.

  17. Always confide in your roommate/relative/ friend on your whereabouts.

  18. You are to ensure that all recreational activities are done either in the afternoon or evening but not late hours (i.c. 12:30 am to 6:00 am).

  19. Proper dress code as stipulated by the regulations of the University must be strictly adhered to.

Below are the Security Response Team Contacts:



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