The All Nigerian Youths Debate Championship

Imagine missing out on a chance to be yourself, to meet people who understand how you think and vibe with you. Imagine missing a chance to make friends and memories that last forever, to build ideas that stand the test of time. Imagine missing a chance to have fun!

About the Event

The All Nigerian Youths Debate Championship is the first event in Nigeria focused on one thing.

Giving you the freedom to express yourselves

The brainchild of The DebaterVerse and Happivibe Services, two organizations focused on growing large communities of young people and helping them use their voices and talents to create real change.

The ANYDC provides young Nigerians with an opportunity and the freedom to

  • Connect and network
  • Share ideas
  • Discuss pressing national issues
  • And most importantly, have fun

Involving over 1,000 young people from all parts of the country sharing the same accommodation for 6 days. The ANYDC is the place to create ideas, friends, and memories that last a lifetime.

The activities, featuring everything from debating to movies and games are structured to be inclusive, casual, and informal.

Giving you a healthy balance of social and intellectual excitement with no restrictions with regards to dressing, language, or mannerisms. An exhibition of freedom. Something seriously lacking in Nigeria today.

And to cap it all, after a week of excitement and cruise. The National Youth Conference gives you a chance to hear ideas, listen to and interact with experienced social and business leaders and compete for even more exciting rewards.

what’s in store:

  • You get a chance to make friends and network with people from all parts of the country
  • Argue about issues that matter to you and express yourself without judgment
  • Meet some of your favorite Naija influencers, visit beautiful landmarks in Eko city, and create exciting memories
  • Make some money! With over 1,000 dollars in prizes and rewards for you to win. You get a chance to make friends, have fun and still leave with the sound of a credit alert ringing in your ear.

Event Schedule Dates

NOV 27

  • Arrival
  • Meet and Greet
  • Games Night

NOV 28

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Debate Day 1
  • Comedy Night

NOV 29

  • Debate Day 2
  • Mini Concert
  • Outdoor Movie Night

NOV 30

  • Debate Day 3
  • Agbaya Hangout 2.0
  • Dance/Breaks Night

DEC 01

  • Debate Day 4 (Quater finals & semi finals)
  • Mini Excursion
  • Talent Show

DEC 02

  • Debate Grand Finale
  • National Youth Confrence

DEC 03

  • Departure

Imagine missing a chance to be free!!
You can’t?

Then register for ANYDC now, so you never have to.

You deserve a chance to be you, don’t miss, connect with hundreds of people just like you at Naija’s  first ever blend of youth, positive discourse and fun running through the dates provide above.

How to apply

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