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    {“results”:{“ufdo8”:{“id”:”ufdo8″,”title”:”Loner”,”image”:”https:\/\/theabusite.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/istockphoto-1339615370-1024×1024-1.jpg”,”imageId”:”1814″,”desc”:”You live for your smart phone. You are not that active on social media and might even be secretive and always seat at the corner of the classroom, just to…

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  • QUIZ: If You Can’t Get 8/12 on This Quiz, Forget About Being an ABU Student

    {“questions”:{“qmjl9”:{“id”:”qmjl9″,”mediaType”:”image”,”answerType”:”text”,”imageCredit”:””,”image”:””,”imageId”:””,”video”:””,”imagePlaceholder”:””,”imagePlaceholderId”:””,”title”:”Who is on the N200 note? “,”desc”:”The \u20a6200 note face still be Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, – the Sarduana of Sokoto and the first Premier of Northern Nigeria.”,”hint”:””,”answers”:{“s7h0p”:{“id”:”s7h0p”,”image”:””,”imageId”:””,”title”:”Alhaji Sir Ahmadu…

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