What is your social-emotional learning superpower

Which of the following traits do you think best describes you?

How do you most like to connect with your friends?

When you are stressed, what do you do to relax?

What makes you feel the most appreciated and understood?


You live for your smart phone. You are not that active on social media and might even be secretive and always seat at the corner of the classroom, just to avoid any form of social interaction. All you need is peace, food and your phone. You have no idea where you'd be without the internet and library.
The Resurrected

You barely meet this ones in campus area, and whenever you do, there must be an important event happening in the university, like the final exams or presentation day for instance. Baba oo...!!!
Hand Raisers

You go soon collect.....You're brilliant but sometimes you can be annoying. Rather than asking thought provoking questions, you are so keen on asking questions that don’t make sense at all or have already been answered earlier.

You will always come late,its who you are, sneaks in like nobody ever noticed throughout the whole semester, you will realise that these chronic latecomers have rarely been punctual to class, even though they are already in the campus before class even started.

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